The concept of combined drivers and licensed guides

What is a combined driver and guide?

Our decision to have drivers who are also licensed guides was inspired by a family trip to South Africa a few years ago. Here we were shown around expertly and competently by a driver who also had a university degree in history. He was thus able to provide insightful and entertaining commentary during the drive.

Importantly, he also got out of the car and accompanied us on foot around the major sights. As tourists, we greatly appreciated this arrangement. With one driver and one guide we would essentially be paying for an additional person who would take up space in the car. He would also need room and board like the rest of us. Additionally, we appreciated not being confined to the backseat while a driver and guide in the front discussed loudly amongst themselves. Instead we had a driver-guide who was attentive at all times.

We also value education, and believe that guides who have university-level degrees can provide richer and more varied insights into a country’s history, culture and society than guides whose knowledge is confined to what they have been taught during the guiding course.

This differentiates our luxury tours to Norway’s most popular destinations. Norway Exclusives drivers are also combined licensed guides.

What qualifications do our drivers and guides have?

At Norway Exclusive we offer our guests this combination. Our drivers are, like all professional limousine- or minibus drivers, required to have the driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). This has to be renewed every 5th year. We all started our chauffeur experience experience as part-time bus drivers as students. In addition, all of us are licensed tourist guides and members of the Norwegian Guiding Association .

We are excited to be able to show our guests our country’s magnificent nature, with its fjords, mountains and glaciers. We are also thrilled to introduce them to our cultural history, our living cities and Norwegian society as a whole.

Imagine a journey in a luxury car or minibus with a competent and comfortable driver, who also provides professional, insightful guiding, and organizes your itinerary and overnight stays. Our guides can even recommend restaurants, reserve your table and drive you to and from dinner.

Our drivers and combined guides

Enjoy popular Norwegian destinations and exciting itineraries with our drivers and combined licensed guide.

Licensed guide and driver: Steinar Bakken

Richard Klingspor (licensed guide and driver)

Licensed guide and driver: Svein Jarle Hole


Our limousine cars

Norway Exclusive offers you luxury tours to the most popular destinations in Norway. Experience Norway’s fjords and mountains in a Comfortable Jaguar F or Mercedes S class. Or for higher seating, you may prefer one of our premium BMW X5 SUVs, perfect for Norwegian mountain roads. We also offer a Luxury edition of the Mercedes V-Class van. This has four comfortable, separately adjustable rear seats in addition to a front passenger seat. If you need a minibus, we can offer a Comfortable configured Mercedes Sprinter with adjustable seats. Recommended for comfortable tours up to 12 passengers. See all our Limousine cars here.