Terms & protection

Customer Protection

The safety & protection of our guests comes first! Norwayexclusive guests are fully insured as passengers in the vehicles we use. As travel operators we are required to be a member of the Norwegian Travel Guarantee Fund RGF, which means that in the unlikely event of insolvency the RGF fund will refund any advance payments you have made to Norway Exclusive AS in accordance with the Norwegian Package Tours Act, giving effect to EU Directive 90/314/EEC.

For more information, and to look up Norway Exclusive AS’ fund membership, visit the Norwegian Travel Guarantee Fund webcite.


Booking Procedure

Our tours are tailor-made according to your interests, preferred dates and number of guests.

This requires an initial dialogue before we can make our preliminary offer. This offer will be presented as a link to a personal password protected page. We will present you with accommodation options and nothing will be charged until you have confirmed your acceptance of both the itinerary and your preferred accommodation. Please note however that we are flexible with respect to the start- and stopping points of the tour. Some activities are also weather dependent. Our main goal is for our tours to be relaxing and flexible.


Changes or alterations of existing itinerary

Tailor-made means flexibility, and we will try to accommodate your wishes as far as we can. However, our ability to alter hotel bookings and some prepaid activities is restricted, and this will be outlined in your booking. Changes of dates and type of limousine are subject to availability.


Payment Conditions

All payments will be directed to a third party secure provider which supports all major credit cards. There is significant planning involved with tailor made tours, so the 10% deposit will not be refunded in case of cancellation.

Payment: Deposit of 10% is payable 4 weeks prior to beginning of the tour, or at time of booking if late booking. The 90% rest is due 10 days prior to the tour.

All prices include VAT. For bookings for dates closer than 4 weeks, other terms might be agreed.

General Terms

Travel & Cancellation Insurance
We strongly recommend that all our guests take out travel insurance prior to travelling to Norway. Accident and emergency health care is provided by public hospitals only, and are provided to all without prior payment. However, if there is no reciprocal agreement between Norway and your country, you will be charged for your treatment

Privacy policy
Personal information necessary for your booking, as well as your contact information such as email and phone numbers, will not be used for any other purposes, and will not be shared with third parties.

With respect to activities included in your tour, Norway Exclusive AS acts only as an agent for the activity providers and shall not under any circumstances be held liable for injury, damage, loss or accident caused by participation in or in connection with such activities

In general Norway Exclusive AS, limousines and the limousine company and other service providers have liability and insurance as required by Norwegian law.

Force Majeure
In case of force majeure, including, but not limited to floods, earthquakes, strikes etc the contract ceases to be binding for both parties.

Governing Law
The agreement between Norway Exclusive AS and the customer and all related questions, including any dispute concerning the general terms and conditions listed here, shall be governed for all purposes by Norwegian Law, and possible disputes shall be settled by Oslo City Court (Tingrett), Norway.

By confirming the order the customer has accepted the general terms and conditions listed in this document, as a part of the agreement between Norway Exclusive AS and the customer.

The company Norway Exclusive AS reg no 988785172 is the provider of the services marketed through the brand