Inspiration 5 – Walks & Hikes

6 waypoints

Norway gives thousands of opportunities for walks and hikes, from the easy short scenic walks on prepared roads to mountain summit hiking. Our driverguides are experienced hikers in Norwegian nature and can lead you safely through fantastic experiences. However, for more challenging hikes, authorized mountain guides are required and can be booked by us if needed. These guides are trained to guide you safely up to our wildest peaks or help you cross our glaciers in any weather conditions and with the relevant safety equipment.

You can even climb Norwegian highest mountain, Galdhöpiggen (2469 m /8,100 feet), which is not particularly demanding, but connecting to a rope is compulsory.

The suggested walks and hikes below are presented to give you an idea of the types of excursions we can arrange if walking and hiking are on the agenda.

All suggested walks are for normal walkers equipped with trainers. But hiking in Norway requires more experience and better equipment like hiking boots.

Please send us a non-binding request to get in touch and we will propose an itinerary in collaboration with our partners. If you are a travel agent or incoming operator for Norway tours and you wish to incorporate on of our hikes, we are happy to cooperate to create the best possible travel experience for your guests.

Geiranger Fjord Farm Hikes with Norway Exclusive

Lysefjord Pulpit Rock and Kjerag Hikes and the Video with Norway Exclusive

Galdhöpiggen Hike with Norway Exclusive

waypoint 1
waypoint 1

Walk Flofjellet

Walk the 10 km Flofjell trail, a historic gravel road running from Voldset farm near the village of Hellesylt to Flo farm near the village of Stryn. The road was originally a horse trail used for trade and as a way for the Flo farmers to travel to Hellesylt to attend church on Sundays, which at the time would have been half a day’s journey in both directions! Fortunately, it is now possible to drive from Hellesylt to our starting point at Voldset farm, shortening the journey considerably.

From Voldset farm, the gravel road takes you past green meadows, uphill alongside a rushing mountain river and through the Stegolen pass, where the road narrows and runs alongside a deep torquoise mountain lake, and finally up to the traditional farm houses clustered together on the plateau.

It is no wonder that Queen Wilhelmina of Holland, who visited this part of the country several summers, fell in love with this area.

This walk is suitable for adults and children of all ages. We stay on the gravel road throughout the whole journey, and though parts of the road runs uphill, there is no climbing or steep inclines.

waypoint 2
waypoint 2

Walk Ljöbrekka Historic Post Road


This walk takes you from Ljøen farm by the fjord to the top of the Ljøbrekka mountain via a traditional, well-trodden hiking trail, which runs in a comfortable uphill zig-zag pattern. Along the way you will have breathtaking views of the Geiranger Fjord below.

Although you will be out of breath, there is no actual climbing involved. The trail was previously used by the postal service to deliver mail between Bergen and Trondheim. This particular leg of the journey was particularly exhausting for the postman as he had to descend from his horse and continue over the mountain on foot. In recent years, the trail has been improved with the assistance of Nepalese sherpas, specially hired for their expertise.

(3 hours)

waypoint 3
waypoint 3

Hike Liavarden

The Lievarden hike follows a nice path or trail on a wide ridge between two branches of the Geiranger fjord. Enjoy the natural splendor and deep silence of the mountain with the fjord on either side.

(3 hours)

waypoint 4
waypoint 4

Hike Stadheimsnibba

Height: (1,285m/ 4,200 feet)

The majestic Stadheimsnibba towers over Hellesylt village, shielding the village from the surrounding area and even blocking out the sun for several weeks in winter. After an initial steep uphill ascent on a well-trodden hiking trail, we continue along the ridge of the mountain over its famous two “camel humps” (with spectacular views along the way), and finally up to the mountain’s highest peak.

The final part of the hike is somewhat steep and rocky, and you may occasionally need your hands for support, however, no actual climbing is involved. And of course, your efforts will be rewarded with chocolate and sandwiches once you reach the top.

(6 hours)

waypoint 5
waypoint 5

Hike Galdhöpiggen

Height: 2,469m (8,100 feet)  

The highest mountain in Norway is the Galdhöpiggen peak which is situated in the Jotunheimen National Park west of the Geiranger Fjord, at the height of 2,469m (8,100 feet) above sea level. However, most climbers will “cheat” by driving by car up to at Juvasshytta at 1,841m (6,000 feet) and continuing on foot from there, which makes the hike less challenging. For an early morning start, we recommend staying overnight at Juvasshytta, or at the more exclusive Röisheim Hotel, a 30-minute drive further down.

At Juvashytta we will hire an authorized guide who will help us safely cross a glacier with ropes and crampons. The glacier-crossing is a particularly exciting part of the journey, and it is normally not too difficult. However, a guide is required as there might be crevasses hidden below the surface.

Hiking boots and warm clothing is recommended, as conditions tend to be windy at the top, though fortunately there is a modern hut in which we can rest and take shelter from the cold.

Read our Galdhöpiggen Hike Experience.

waypoint 6
waypoint 6

Hike Slogen

Height: 1,564 m (5,100 feet)

Looking for more challenge? Let us take you up Queen Sonja’s favourite mountain (and also the one depicted on the region’s local beer): Slogen

This renowned peak rises dramatically 1,564 m (5,100 ft) directly above the fjord. The hike begins on a well-trodden path through the beautiful Habostad valley, up to a famous hut built by the British explorer Patchell who famously chronicled his journeys in this region. From there we ascend the peak itself, with incredible views directly into the fjord below. The hike is rather challenging, and during the final part of the ascent you will be exposed to height and may need to use your hands for support. However, climbing gear is not required.

Slogen is a memory for life!

(A full day hike)

Inspiration 5 – Walks & Hikes