Best of Flåm & Næröy Fjord

The village of Flåm is located at the very end of Aurlandsfjord and is a magical spot featuring some of the most incredible mountain scenery in Norway.

The famous Flåm Railway, a 12-mile train journey which takes you deep into the magnificent landscape, was named the world’s most extraordinary train journey by Lonely Planet in 2014. Watch from large panoramic windows as  the train winds its way between snow-capped mountains and climbs thrillingly steep inclines, and enjoy spectacular views of the mountain terrain with its deep ravines and majestic waterfalls. A truly unforgettable experience.

For the more adventurous, Flåm also offers access to Rallarvegen  (“The Navvies’ Road”), a picturesque mountain bicycle route.

From Flåm, public or private sightseeing boats can take you on a breathtaking journey through the UNESCO Heritage Nærøyfjord, the narrowest fjord in the world. Watch mountains lean in dramatically above you as you make your way through the fjord’s narrowest point (at only 820 feet/ 250m in width) and enjoy the dazzling view of the fjord from the Stegastein Viewpoint.

Food in the area has a distinctly regional flavour, with restaurants serving traditional delicacies such as salmon, lamb, game and cured ham, as well as Norwegian goat cheese and fruits and berries gathered from the local area. And why not sample beer from the renowned Ægir craft brewery?  Overview Norwegian fjords, mountains, glaciers and waterfalls.


day 1

Fjord Village of Flåm

Flåm is the small village at the end of Aurlandsfjord. The village is also the end fjord station of the scenic railway up to Myrdal which is the connecting point for the Oslo-Bergen railway.

From Flåm there are sightseeing tours provided to the UNESCO Heritage Nærøy Fjord. We can go there either by ferry, the Vision of the Fjord ship or by a private boat.

If you want to stay in the village there are several restaurants and cafes, as well as a local brewery.


day 2

Fjord Village Gudvangen

At the other end of Nærlandsfjord is the village of Gudvangen. 1000 years ago this was a Viking settlement, and it is easy to imagine their proud ships sailing out the narrow fjord.  Read more of traces from the vikings in Norway.

day 3

Into the Nærøyfjord

The best way to experience the UNESCO Heritage fjord is by boat. To have a private quiet tour, a kayak is perfect. However, it is not easy to handle if you lack of experience. Private RIBs are available, particularly if you want to go ashore at one of the small settlements along the fjord.

But most tourists prefer the ultra modern Vision of the Fjord sightseeing ship.

day 4

Go ashore in the Nærøyfjord

Along the shores of Nærøyfjord are several traditional farming settlements and some even give you the opportunity to have lunch in fantastic surroundings.

day 5

Historic Flåm Mountain Railway

The most famous attraction or “thing to do” in the Flåm area is the 20 km (12,4 miles) scenic mountain railway. Perfect for great photos underway, including an amazing photo stop at one of the waterfalls.

Along the railway is the “Rallarvegen”, a narrow road perfect for cycling.  Some take the railway up and bike back to Flåm, which is less challenging as it is mostly downhill.

day 6

Excursions from Flåm

There are several sights to explore in the Flåm area, such as the Stegastein Viewpoint (see picture) from which you can take fantastic photos of the fjord.

The Borgund Stave Church from the late 1100s is open to the public and gives you a good insight into early Christianity in Norway immediately after the pagan Viking age.

The largest Norwegian glacier, Jostedalsbreen (-bre means glacier), is situated in the area and the Glacier Museum in Fjærland gives interesting insights into the time period of 10,000 years ago when our country was covered by ice.


day 7

Fretheim Hotel

The most prominent building in Flåm is the historic Fretheim Hotel. Established more than 100 years ago it is an important institution in this great tourist area.

In the hotel you will find a cozy restaurant and lots of old furniture and paintings from the early days of Norwegian tourism.

day 8

Flåmsbrygga Hotel

Close to the fjord is Flåmsbrygga hotel which give you a nice fjord view. In the same area you will also find the Ægir brewery and connected Viking-style  pub.

day 9

Kviknes Hotel Balestrand

One of the most famous hotels in the fjord area is Kviknes Hotel, a family-run hotel which has welcomed tourists for more than 150 years.

The hotel is perfectly located closed to the sea and gives you all the comfort needed for a wonderful holiday.

The hotel also provides easy access to the Gaularfjell mountain and its spectacular view platform.

Best of Flåm & Næröy Fjord