Lysefjord and the Pulpit Rock

The Lysefjord has several attractions worth mentioning

Lysefjord is located in southwestern part of Norway, very convenient from the city of Stavanger. Lysefjord is accessable by car / limousine which include a ferry. But to visit the most known and popular attractions The Pulpit Rock, Kjeragbolten and Florli Wooden Stairs we have to use our feet. The hikes are rather tough and demands certain condition and hiking equipment. A popular and convenient alternative is 2,5 hours boat sightseeing from Stavanger into the beautiful and dramatic fjord. Or, of course more spectacular,  a helicopter tour from Stavanger airport.

The fjord known as “light fjord” from the lightly colored granite rocks  seen along its widths. The arm of Lysefjord stretches 42 kilometers from the little municipality Forsand in Rogaland county. At the opposite eastern end the village Lysebotn resides. The only crossing by car is possible at the inlet between Forsand and farming village Oanes. Experience our Travel Tips hikes in Lysefjord  Overview Norwegian fjords, mountains, glaciers and waterfalls.  Learn more about Lysefjord in Wikipedia. 

day 1

The Pulpit Rock - Preikestolen

Spectacular hike and viewings at Pulpit Rock

The Pulpit Rock is widely known for its majestic look. You will find it standing out of the cliffs at 604 meter as a preacher’s podium. With a 25×25 meters squared area on top, with drops on three sides. Norway has many spectacular sites as its well known for mountains and valleys. The Pulpit Rock or Preikestolen (external link) by its Norwegian name should be on your agenda if visiting the area. This location is one of Norway’s most popular destinations for hiking.

day 2

Kjerag bolt - A boulder wedged in the mountain crevasse

Kjeragbolten you will find at Kjerag mountain, near Lysebotn. At 1084 meters there is a wide crack, and in middle there is a giant boulder wedged in between. The most easiest way to get to this location is taking a ferry to Lysebotn. From there drive up to the parking lot, at the Kjerag restaurant Øygardstøl. The hike takes about 6 hours, on a 10 km long path with a 570 meters climb. Best suited for experienced hikers and adults.

day 3

Florli – World’s longest wooden stairs

Close by Kjeragbolten you find the stairs at Florli. With 4.444 steps it is known to be the World’s longest made entirely out of wood. You can only access this place by the ferry. Florli was the first place in Lysefjorden where they built a power station back in 1918. The great tubes transports the water from the top of the mountain to the turbines at the bottom.

Lysefjord and the Pulpit Rock