Best of Geiranger Fjord Area

UNESCO World Heritage site Geiranger Fjord is a branch of the Storfjord which stretches through the alpine landscape from the city of Ålesund.

Here small farms cling to mountain shelves hundreds of meters above the fjord, while picturesque villages nestle at the edge of the water with mountain peaks of up to 1,700 meters (5,600 feet) rising above them.

If you wish to organize a multiple-day trip to the area, we are happy to arrange a suitable itinerary in collaboration with our partners.

Our luxury limousine can take you through the dramatic landscape, stopping at impressive viewpoints, including the top of Dalsnibba mountain at 1,500 meters (4,900 feet).

You can also explore the majestic fjords from below with private boat trips. If you are fit for a walk, we even take you up to one of the small cliff-edge farms. Read more of Norwegian fjords, mountains, glaciers and waterfalls.

Experience Norway Exclusive boat trip and hikes in the Geiranger Fjord. Learn more of Geiranger UNESCO Fjord


day 1

The Picturesque Geiranger Centre

At the end of the narrow Geiranger Fjord, the little village of Geiranger is situated between rising mountains. A hundred years ago the fjord was the main “road” and the only way to reach the outside world was by steamboat, which was particularly problematic during winter when parts of the fjord were frozen.

Today the “Eagles Road” is the only way in and out during winter, since no steamboat or ferry operates the in winter, and the roads eastwards are closed due to snow and the risk of avalanches.

Enjoy nice walks in this picturesque village.

day 2

Geiranger Views


In Norway, you normally have to hike in the steep mountains to get the best view and photos. But the two roads leading over the mountains to and from Geiranger, give you incredible views without even having to leave your car (although we recommend that you do)

Depicted upper left is the view from Flydalsjuvet, a couple of kilometers’ drive up from the fjord and on the right is the platform built above the fjord at one of the curves of the Eagles Road.

Below is the fantastic view from Dalsnibba (1,476 m / 4,843 feet) Skywalk to which the curved road on the right hand side takes you.


day 3

Explore the Majestic Geiranger Fjord

When in Geiranger, exploring the fjord is a must. To really feel the depth and hear the sounds of the waterfalls, kayaking is the best way. In Geiranger you can both rent and receive instructions in kayaking, but of course, it requires a certain skill level to set off onto a fjord trafficked by larger boats.

In the alternative, both the Geiranger Fjord Sightseeing boat and the ferry between Geiranger and Hellesylt (20 km /32 miles) are relaxing ways to see the fjord seated comfortably on the large outdoor deck.

But our favourite way to explore the fjord is by a safe private boat which takes us close to the waterfalls at a speed and duration that is convenient for us. For those for whom speed is preferred, there are RIBs available too.


day 4

Go ashore in Geiranger Fjord

One of the main reasons for the area’s UNESCO Heritage listing are the small (now abandoned) farms clinging to the narrow green mountain shelves above the Fjord.

The most famous are the two “neighbors” Knivsflå and, across the fjord, Skageflå  (“flå” is a shelf in a mountain wall). If anything was wrong on either farm they could call their neighbor by waving a flag or lighting a fire.

Docking a boat is possible below each of the farms and the paths up to the farms are quite safe, but there are some exposed passages. Both walks take about one hour and the views are fantastic.

day 5

See the Waterfalls of the Fjord

The Geiranger Fjord is situated a few miles from the Atlantic Ocean, from which both rain showers and snowstorms sweep in through the fjord. The result is a number of impressive waterfalls cascading from the mountains into the fjord. These are particularly beautiful in the spring or early summer when the snow is melting in the mountains.

The upper left-hand photo shows the region’s most famous waterfalls, the Seven Sisters, which are situated close to the farm Knivsflå.  Closer to Geiranger village, the Storsæter foss (-waterfall) is even accessible from behind.

At the other end of the Geiranger Fjord lies the village of Hellesylt. The two bottom pictures are taken from the road crossing the river on Hellesylt Bridge.

Hellesylt is a perfect base for walks and hikes.

day 6

Gondolas take you up to the sky!

For skiers, Strandafjellet (-mountain) is one of the best playgrounds in Norway.  The combination of mountains and fjords is unbeatable.  Fortunately, the gondola to the top is also open in summer so guests can enjoy the views from the beautifully situated cafe.

Further south in Loen we find the new Sky Lift gondola which also offers a fantastic view of the fjord from a nice restaurant just on the edge.

day 7

Visit local Food and Beer producers

The Geiranger Fjord area is well-known for its food and beer production, particularly the production of “Spekemat” which is salted and dried meat, particularly lamb meat. The most famous Spekemat producers are Ole Ringdal (pictured), Tind, Slogen and Stranda.

To accompany the “Spekemat”, we recommend the local beer from Troll Brewery and Geiranger Brewery.

In the narrow high street of Geiranger village you will also find a local chocolate maker.

These products are all available at the local restaurants and hotels.

day 8

Hotel Union Spa Geiranger

Union Hotel is the largest hotel in Geiranger. Established in 1891 they have a long track record of providing excellent service to tourists from all the world. Today they combine this tradition with outstanding modern facilities like spa, restaurants, nightclub and even a veteran car exhibition.

day 9

Hotel Utsikten Geiranger

Located in the mountainside above Geiranger village, this historic hotel is in the perfect location for a relaxing holiday.

Established in 1893, the hotel has a long tradition of hosting tourists from all over the world.

day 10

Villa Norangdal Botique Hotel

Nestled between the mountains you will find the historical Villa Norangdal Boutique Hotel, built in 1885. During the first fifty years of its operation cruise tourists would arrive by horse and carriage to have lunch in the hotel’s beautiful dining room. Many famous guests have stayed here, including German Kaiser Wilhelm and Queen Wilhelmina of Holland.

In 1904 British mountaineer William Cecil Slingsby published the book Norway: the Northern Playground, describing his time exploring the Norwegian mountains. He would use Villa Norangdal as a base for his hiking expeditions and climbed several of the surrounding mountains including the famous Kvitegga which looms majestically above the hotel.

day 11

Hotel Union Öye

Union Hotel Øye is located by the Hjørundfjord branch of the Geiranger fjord, a few kilometers from Hellesylt. The hotel is one of the best preserved historic hotels in Norway. The 27 rooms are all unique, furnished with original antiques and named after famous guests like Kaiser Wilhelm, King Oscar, Queen Maud, Princess Victoria, Karen Blixen, Knut Hamsun, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Edvard Grieg, Henrik Ibsen and Roald Amundsen.

For hikers in search of adventure Union Hotel Øye is located just below the impressive peak of Slogen.

The hotel has a beautiful restaurant and an excellent kitchen and is also open for lunch and dinner.

day 12

Juvet Landscape Hotel

Close to the famous Trollstigen mountain road, the Juvet Landscape Hotel is a modern jewel integrated into its wild natural surroundings.

Imagine relaxing in front of these panoramic windows with a good book.

day 13

Storfjord Hotel

En route between Geiranger and Ålesund, this luxury boutique hotel welcomes you for a comfortable stay and wonderful dining experiences in a high-class restaurant.

The hotel is ranked one of Norway’s best overnight stays.

day 14

Alexandra Spa Hotel

The popular hotel Alexandra is located a few miles south of Geiranger Fjord, close to the Loen Skylift and the Briksdal Glacier. The hotel is situated close to the sea and most rooms have a sea view. Facilities are excellent and there is also a first-rate spa.

For hikers, the Alexandra hotel is an excellent base camp for the Skåla mountain (1.848 m / 6,063 feet)

Best of Geiranger Fjord Area