Tour 1: Private 5 hours Exclusive Guided Oslo Limousine Tour

Whether you are in Oslo for a transfer or at a cruise, this is å perfect day-excursion.  In the most comfortable and luxury way we guide you both to the highlights and to  the “out of the crowd” areas. And, of course we’ll tailor your experiences according to your wishes or other activities in Oslo.

Below our typical route with the effective driving time 1h 30 min, which give us sufficient time to visit our most popular attractions, and of course grab some food or coffee on our way.

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day 1

From the Opera House to Ekeberg view point

To give you an overview of Oslo, we take to the Ekeberg Park view point. Here we point out the harbor, the Opera house, the Fortress, the City hall, the Royal Palace, Holmenkollen and the medieval park. On our way up to Ekeberg: If time we let you out of the limo at the “rising out of the fjord” ice berg of the Opera House for the popular stroll on the roof. Or maybe you return here for a sundowner?

day 2

Away from the crowd in Akerselva Park and Hipster area

As a contrast to the modern Barcode area we stop at the Hipster & Street art area in the lower part of Aker River. This is the origin of modern development of Oslo, those days named Christiania: Industrial revolution powered by the waterfalls.

day 3

Vigeland Sculpture Park

Guided Visit! Some kilometres west of the city centre is the great Vigeland Sculpture Park, open all day and night to the public. The several hundred outdoor sculptures illustrate the circle of life. We are happy to give you a guided tour of the impressing park with more than 200 sculptures.

day 4

Holmenkollen recreation and ski-jump area

The impressive Holmenkollen Ski Jump (The small ski museum is not included) is situated between the fjord and the forest. The forest is called Oslo Marka, and is our main area of recreation, particularly in winter since we love skiing. We take you up to the Holmenkollen hill to see our national symbol of skiing and view of the city.  Note the Ski Museum Entrance, Zip Line nor the Ski Simulator are not included.

day 5

The 1200 years old Viking Ships!

Guided Visit! The Viking Ship museum contains three authentic ships from the 9th century. These were originally used for the Viking burial ceremony and were excavated by Norwegian archaeologists more than hundred years ago. The Vikings were buried with all the earthly goods they might need in the afterlife, including their ships. These exhibition are unique in the world.

Viking Ship Museum (Closed 2022 – 2025 (-26?) for rebuilding).   We are sorry to report that The Viking Ship Museum is now closed for rebuilding. After 95 years in operation, the Viking Ship Museum closes its doors – and will re-emerge anew in five years as the Museum of the Viking Age. Norway Exclusive warmly recommend the Open Air Folk Museum which gives you an unique insight in Norway’s history including  the genuine 800 years old Gol Stave Church.

day 6

The race for the Poles - Fram (Forward!)

Guided Visit to “The best museum in Norway”! Enter the Fram Ship from 1892. Polar exploration was important in late 1800 and early 1900. There was a race to conquer the North pole and the South pole. In the Polar Museum you’ll be inside the dramatic polar history.

day 7

View of the City Centre

View of the great palace and the sculpture of 1800 hundreds King Karl Johan on his horse, our parliament, the proud medieval Castle and Fortress from 1300, and the City Hall – The venue of the Nobel Piece Price ceremony.

day 8

Luxury comfortable limousine, Van or Minibus

Norway Exclusive have more than 30 vehicles available to fulfill your wishes or requirements.

Most popular are the black Mercedes Benz V-Class Van with sliding doors and different inside configurations:  Separate comfortable rear seats seating 2+2 (plus front), or standard seating 3+3. Height and comfortable entry/exit makes i even popular for 2 guests.  However our black sedans like Jaguar and Mercedes Benz are of course also on the top of comfort.

Our comfortable Mercedes Benz minibuses are configured up to 16 guests.  However we do not recommend that many in private groups. Van and Minibus have microphone for the driverguide.

day 9

Satisfied customers!

We are proud to deliver high quality driving, high quality guiding and general competence of Norwegian life, economy and society! But always combined with humor to make your day in Oslo perfect!

Tour 1: Private 5 hours Exclusive Guided Oslo Limousine Tour