Gourmet Dining

Norwegian cuisine reflects the distinctly Scandinavian ethos of finding new and creative approaches to traditional cooking and emphasising the use of fresh, local ingredients. As a result, restaurants in Norway have garnered great international acclaim.

You will find the most diverse cuisine and range of restaurants in Oslo, where diners can enjoy everything from innovative versions of classic Norwegian dishes to world-class sushi. However, restaurants in other geographical regions of Norway are also excellent and are particularly renowned for showcasing regional produce and using the best locally available ingredients.

In our coastal cities like Stavanger, Bergen and Ålesund, first-rate restaurants serve seafood delicacies straight from the Atlantic ocean. Further inland, you can sample beautifully prepared meat from moose and deer, hunted in the area for centuries. As Norwegian mountains provide especially favorable grazing conditions for ship, our mountainous regions specialize in lamb dishes.

Be sure to make time to sample our many traditional foods such as dried clipfish and meat, our famous caramel-coloured goatcheese and our Atlantic smoked salmon.

As usual in Norway, atmosphere is key: our restaurants reflect our love of nature, and many of our rural restaurants combine incredible dining experiences with beautiful natural surroundings. Even in Oslo, nature is never far away: Dyna Fyr is a seafood restaurant housed in a lighthouse with water on all sides and magnificent views of the harbor.

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Guide MICHELIN Norway

MAAEMO – OSLO – Quoted from MICHELIN Guide:


Three Stars – Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey – Very comfortable. Maaemo means ‘Mother Earth’ and this striking restaurant is all about connecting with nature. Service is perfectly choreographed and dishes are brought down from the mezzanine feature kitchen and finished at the table by the chefs themselves. Innovative, intricate cooking awakens the senses with sublime flavor combinations – some dishes take several days to construct.”

In addition to the MAAEMO 3-star, there are three Michelin one star restaurants in Oslo (Galt, Kontrast and Statholdergaarden) and two in Stavanger (RE-NAA and Sabi Omakase) .

We represent these with Statholdergaarden, located in the Renaissance Christiania, now Oslo:



“One Star – High quality cooking, worth a stop. Very comfortable – Price $$$$.  A charming 17C house in the city’s heart. Three elegant rooms feature an array of antiques and curios, and have wonderfully ornate stucco ceilings hung with chandeliers. Expertly rendered classical cooking uses seasonal Norwegian ingredients in familiar combinations. Service is well-versed and willing.  Notable wine list”

There are also 34 Bib Gormand– and  Plate MICHELIN restaurants all over Norway. Give us your dining preferences, and we take you there!

Guide MICHELIN Norway

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The Historic Restaurants

These 22 restaurants are a part of the membership organization the Historic Restaurants & Hotels. To qualify as members they have to offer their guests a high class gastronomic experience, a unique historic environment and a warm welcome.

The restaurants are located all over Norway. Depicted in the gallery are: the Dyna Fyr (Dyna Lighthouse) and to the left the Festningen (the Fortress) and Gamle Raadhus (Old City Hall), all of which are in Oslo.


Festningen Restauranis a rustic brasserie located in a historic building used as a prison in Akershus Festning (Akershus Fortress). The excellent cuisine combined with its unique location overlooking the old harbour and the City hall makes it one of Oslo’s most popular restaurants.


Restaurant Gamle Raadhus (the Old City hall) is located in Oslo’s old City Hall from 1641. You can feel the history in the walls. A unique setting for a good meal.

On all of our routes we will find excellent restaurants according to your preferences.

De Historiske (-the Historic)

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Gourmet Dining and Accommodation

When travelling in Norway, the most atmospheric, memorable hotels are those combining high-class accommodation with gourmet dining. To stay in a historic room or suite, read in an old library and dine in a classic dining room is a truly unforgettable experience, particularly when you are surrounded by panoramic views of fjords and mountains.

Depicted here is Vianvang in the Jotunheimen mountains close to Galdhöpiggen, Norway’s highest mountain. Here you can enjoy nature and gourmet cuisine based on local ingredients like mountain trout and reindeer.

And below left is the high class Engö farm hotel located only an hour’s drive south of Oslo.  At Engö you can enjoy walks along the sea, an excellent Spa and great meals in their gourmet restaurant.

Gourmet Dining