Rjukan in Notodden has been designated a World Heritage site due to its significance to Norwegian industrial history, as well as its association with the Heroes of Telemark, who were members of the Norwegian resistance during World War 2.

The commandos who carried out the Gunnerside Operation are well-known Norwegian war heroes, and all received medals for their courage. Thanks to these Norwegian heroes, Hitler was never able to produce a nuclear bomb.

The old industrial town and the power plant are both open to visitors. A particularly interesting curiosity is the hi-tech hillside mirror, used to reflect sunlight in order to illuminate the town which is located in a narrow valley in which the sun sets early behind the mountains (var det dette du mente?). There is also a cable car or tunnel tram up to Gausta mountain at 1883 moh (6,178 feet). Read more about the Heritage town of Rjukan and its dramatic history.