Most famous for its annual film and music festivals, Haugesund is one of Norway’s cultural hubs. The Silda Jazz festival (in August) showcases both nordic and international musicians, while the Norwegian International Film Festival is of particular importance to Scandinavian filmmakers.

The region also as an interesting history, and was the site of major historical developments in the Viking Period. The nearby archaeological site of Avaldsnes was the site of power for Viking King Harald the Fairhaired, who united the regional chiefdoms of Norway into one kingdom.  Read more of traces from the vikings in Norway.

Haugesund is also an excellent base from which to explore the spectacular Folgefonna glacier. Walks on the glacier are organised by authorized glacier guides and are adjusted in accordance with the skills and wishes of participants, ranging from leisurely walks on flat areas of the glaciers to climbing in crevasse areas. In either case, an ethereal and unforgettable experience.