Norway’s second largest city, Bergen, was established in the Viking Age and became a historic Hanseatic trading port in the fourteenth century. It remained Norway’s most important trading port for several hundred years. Because of its Hanseatic history, Bergen has its own distinct culture and traditions, and as a result, its citizens are fiercely patriotic.

The city’s main attraction is the “Hanseatic Wharf”, Bryggen i Bergen, a beautifully preserved historic wharf with traditional houses and cozy restaurants and pubs, as well as craft shops and historical museums. Taking a stroll on the wharf is like stepping back in time.

The city’s historic charm is combined with spectacular natural beauty. The city centre is surrounded by seven mountains, one of which is accessible by a gondola or cable car. The restaurant at the top of Flöien offers an incredible view of the city and the Atlantic ocean.


day 1

Visit the Viewpoints of Ulriken or Flöien

For an excellent view of the beautiful city of Bergen, go up to the mountains surrounding it. The viewpoints of Ulriken or Flöien

day 2

Medieavel Bergen - Håkon's Hall

Bergen was the capital of Norway in the early middle ages and the great building Håkonshallen, built in the mid-1200s by King Håkon Håkonsson, gives us an insight in the city’s medieval history.

day 3

Walking on the Hansa Brygge

The German trading society Hansa dominated Bergen in the late middle ages and the Hansa Brygge (the Hanseatic Wharf) is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Their main trades were import of grain and export of dry fish.

A walk through the narrow streets with a local guide is fantastic! And of course a visit to their gourmet seafood restaurants is essential. Learn more of Bryggen and the Hanseatic League

day 4

Visit Trollhaugen - Home of Composer Grieg

The Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg lived in Bergen and you can visit his home, Trollhaugen.

One of his most famous compositions is the music for the Henrik Ibsen play Peer Gynt.


day 5

Fish Market

Bergen is a the fjord capital of fish and seafood.  Be sure to visit the Fish Market, located next to the Hansa Brygge.

day 6