Svein Jarle Hole

Born in 1955 in the Geiranger Fjord area. He is the founder and CEO of Norway Exclusive AS – He was founder and manager of a computer software company for a couple of decades, but is now semi-retired. His transportation skills were acquired as a transport officer in the military services, and followed by several years of bus driving to finance his studies. He is currently combining these skills with professional guiding, and the management of this high-end tourist service.

Svein Jarle`s main interests are history, particularly economic history, and the development of Norway from a collection of Viking tribes to a modern democracy with 5.3 million inhabitants.

He is particularly interested in the development of the timber, mining, fishery and shipping industries and the industrial revolution in Norway up to today’s IT industry and North Sea Oil Exploration.

“I live in Oslo, but I never left my roots in the fjords. My family and I traveled several times a year to the Geiranger Fjord area for summer boating and hiking in the spectacular Sunnmöre alps. I have always loved showing my friends and business partners this spectacular area. I am delighted to now also be able to share my passion for my country with overseas visitors in a professional capacity.”

Svein Jarle’s qualifications:

  • Master Degree in Management
  • Authorized tourist guide
  • Driver License up to full size buses and trucks
  • Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC – for driving same vehicles as profession)
  • Police License for transport of persons (requires Certificate of Good Conduct)
  • Formal competence certificate in Transport & Logistics
  • Licensed Leisure Boat skipper (up to 50 metric tons – DL5)



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