About Travelling in Norway


The mainland of Norway covers approximately 385,000 Km2 (150,000 square miles) and the population is 5.3 million. The distance from north to south is 1,100 miles (1,750 km), but the rugged coastline measures more than twice the distance around the equator.


By road, normal driving time from Oslo to the fjords and the Atlantic cities of Stavanger, Bergen and Ålesund is approximately seven hours each, depending on traffic and weather conditions. Driving time from Oslo to the mid-Norway city of Trondheim is also about seven hours.

Our driving philosophy

We always choose the scenic route, and you will experience spectacular surroundings, particularly on the roads crossing the highlands between the eastern region (Oslo) and the western fjords. To avoid tunnels we also take historic detours. Our main goal is that our guests have a comfortable, relaxing and interesting journey. We will stop at points of interest along the way and you will have plenty of opportunities to take photographs of the beautiful scenery.  Our driverguides, in collaboration with our partners, can also present you with options for places to stop for lunch or dinner along the way.

Water and Food

Norway is a clean country where you can drink tap water, or water from the creeks everywhere. By law, everyone can walk everywhere in the countryside as long as you do not disturb private homes by camping on their lawn. Food is safe and normally of high quality. The Scandinavian breakfast is particularly good. Hotels have a reasonable standard, however, they are not super luxurious. Some of our historic hotels, particularly those expanded with a modern spa, will make you feel like European aristocracy from 100 years ago.

English Language vs Norwegian

Using English is no problem in Norway, however for better understanding of names like on signposts, here are some hints:

The letters Æ, Ø and Å:

            Æ pronounces the e in ferry

            Ø or Ö like the u in pub

            Å like ou in four

And some frequently used nouns on signposts:

            By = city

            Dal = valley

            Fjell = mountain

            Foss = waterfall

God tur!  (Have a) nice trip!